Media Release – SKY High and Local Real Estate Agent Call for More High School Funding

An inner west’s real estate agency has joined forces with SKYHigh in calling on the State Government to fund additional capacity in the inner west’s public secondary schools.

Wayne Elly, partner of Greg Hocking today said he would sponsor SKYHigh’s 10 year anniversary as a way of putting pressure on the State Government to fund more public secondary education places for Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville’s kids.

“As a local real estate agent with 20 years’ experience in the area, I talk to many families who want to live near a high school,” Mr Elly said.

“We are seeing such growth in the area that there is no doubt that a high school in the Seddon, Kingville, Yarraville area is critical to accommodate this future growth for families with kids at high school.

“All local homeowners would get an immediate boost to their property values from a local high school option”.

SKYHigh welcomed the sponsorship by Greg Hocking Estate Agents for the 10 year anniversary celebrations.

President, Melissa Horne said the support represented a growing awareness by residents and local businesses that additional capacity in the public high school network is a boost for the entire community, not just those seeking high school educations.

“Now is the time for the State Government to commit to funding additional capacity in the local high school network as they determine priorities for next year’s budget,” Ms Horne said.

“One of the great things about living here is being part of a tight-knit community with great facilities and lifestyle so close to the city. It’s a tragedy for the community that people are forced to move away from the area they have chosen to raise small children in, because there is a massive gap in the existing public high school network.

“We thank Wayne Elly for his agency’s support of SKYHigh’s 10-year anniversary and call on the State Government to commit public, secondary school funding for the area in next year’s budget.”

The 10-year anniversary celebrations will be held at Beaton Reserve, Powell St, Yarraville on Sunday 1 December following a rally through Yarraville, from 11am. Media and local residents welcome.

Further Information

Melissa Horne: 0412 130 823

Wayne Elly: 0410 305 305