SKYHigh launches recruitment drive for election year

Parents visiting this week’s Yarraville Festival will be asked to lend their support for SKY High’s  campaign for new high school option in the local area.

President of SKY High, Melissa Horne, said now more than ever local families had to show the State Government and all political parties that they need a strong investment in a local school.

“The Government will ignore us if they can, so we need to drum up as much support for SKY High as possible,” Ms Horne said.

“This is an election year and it is our mission to get as many politicians as possible to put SKY High in their policies. We’ve had a great first start from the Opposition’s commitment in December to investigate ways to deliver a new school, let’s see the Government match it.

“At this week’s Yarraville Festival will be asking all parents and kids to sign our petition and add their  names to our ever increasing membership list.

“Local families know Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville are experiencing a population boom. But not everyone realises that those proud preppies heading off to their first day of school will need more local classrooms, teachers and other education facilities before they hit year 7.

Ms Horne said the SKY High working group had been working hard over summer to plan a range of  interesting and powerful campaign activities that would make Spring Street sit up and listen.

“This year our campaign will be fun and anyone thinking about lending their hand should come and find us at the Yarraville Festival,” Ms Horne said.

The Yarraville Festival is being held on Sunday 16 February.