SKYHigh launches recruitment drive for election year

Parents visiting this week’s Yarraville Festival will be asked to lend their support for SKY High’s  campaign for new high school option in the local area.

President of SKY High, Melissa Horne, said now more than ever local families had to show the State Government and all political parties that they need a strong investment in a local school.

“The Government will ignore us if they can, so we need to drum up as much support for SKY High as possible,” Ms Horne said.

“This is an election year and it is our mission to get as many politicians as possible to put SKY High in their policies. We’ve had a great first start from the Opposition’s commitment in December to investigate ways to deliver a new school, let’s see the Government match it.

“At this week’s Yarraville Festival will be asking all parents and kids to sign our petition and add their  names to our ever increasing membership list.

“Local families know Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville are experiencing a population boom. But not everyone realises that those proud preppies heading off to their first day of school will need more local classrooms, teachers and other education facilities before they hit year 7.

Ms Horne said the SKY High working group had been working hard over summer to plan a range of  interesting and powerful campaign activities that would make Spring Street sit up and listen.

“This year our campaign will be fun and anyone thinking about lending their hand should come and find us at the Yarraville Festival,” Ms Horne said.

The Yarraville Festival is being held on Sunday 16 February.

Media Release – SKY High Welcomes Small Step Towards a New School Option

SKY High today welcomed a commitment from the State Opposition to investigate ways to deliver a new school in the Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville area.

President of SKY High, Melissa Horne, called on all political parties to deliver more public high school options for local families.

“More than 200 parents and kids joined our march showing the need for a new high school option is as strong as ever,” Ms Horne said.

“The Opposition’s announcement today is a welcome first step and shows that some politicians are prepared to listen carefully to our case.

“While the Labor Party and the Greens are willing to consider our needs, the Napthine Liberal Government sadly continues to ignore local parents.

“I would like to thank local Members of Parliament Wade Noonan, Marsha Thomson and Colleen Hartland for their continued support. I would also like to thank Opposition Shadow Minister for Education, James Merlino, for his commitment to keep investigating the options. James has visited SKY High twice now and clearly understands why local families are campaigning so hard.”

Ms Horne said 2013 had been a very busy year for SKY High but urged local families to prepare for an even busier 2014.

“Next year is an election year and we need every local family to think about doing their bit to help deliver a new high school for the area,” Ms Horne said.

“Our community lost a valued high school in the early 1990s and we want it back.

“The Government won’t hear our concerns unless we keep running a loud and smart campaign to make them listen. I encourage any parents to follow us on Facebook or Twitter today and find out what we can do together to convince our politicians to build our kids a new school.”

Read today’s Victorian Labor Party’s announcement here.


Media Release – SKY High and Local Real Estate Agent Call for More High School Funding

An inner west’s real estate agency has joined forces with SKYHigh in calling on the State Government to fund additional capacity in the inner west’s public secondary schools.

Wayne Elly, partner of Greg Hocking today said he would sponsor SKYHigh’s 10 year anniversary as a way of putting pressure on the State Government to fund more public secondary education places for Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville’s kids.

“As a local real estate agent with 20 years’ experience in the area, I talk to many families who want to live near a high school,” Mr Elly said.

“We are seeing such growth in the area that there is no doubt that a high school in the Seddon, Kingville, Yarraville area is critical to accommodate this future growth for families with kids at high school.

“All local homeowners would get an immediate boost to their property values from a local high school option”.

SKYHigh welcomed the sponsorship by Greg Hocking Estate Agents for the 10 year anniversary celebrations.

President, Melissa Horne said the support represented a growing awareness by residents and local businesses that additional capacity in the public high school network is a boost for the entire community, not just those seeking high school educations.

“Now is the time for the State Government to commit to funding additional capacity in the local high school network as they determine priorities for next year’s budget,” Ms Horne said.

“One of the great things about living here is being part of a tight-knit community with great facilities and lifestyle so close to the city. It’s a tragedy for the community that people are forced to move away from the area they have chosen to raise small children in, because there is a massive gap in the existing public high school network.

“We thank Wayne Elly for his agency’s support of SKYHigh’s 10-year anniversary and call on the State Government to commit public, secondary school funding for the area in next year’s budget.”

The 10-year anniversary celebrations will be held at Beaton Reserve, Powell St, Yarraville on Sunday 1 December following a rally through Yarraville, from 11am. Media and local residents welcome.

Further Information

Melissa Horne: 0412 130 823

Wayne Elly: 0410 305 305

SKYHigh Schoolopoly in the media

Media Alert – Schoolopoly Photo Opportunity – Monday 23 September at 10:30 am

What: SKYHigh will host a giant game of Schoolopoly and call on the Napthine Government to build more public high school capacity for kids living in the Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville area in the coming budget.

When: Monday, 23 September at 10:30 am

Where: The small park area behind Alpha Bakehouse and immediately East of Yarraville Station, Anderson St, Yarraville -

Contact: Melissa Horne, President SKYHigh – 0412 130 823

Media Release – SKYHigh Builds Momentum for Year Ahead

The outline of critical campaigning activities to build the momentum for the Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville High Community Working Group was the key focus of last night’s Annual General Meeting, held in Yarraville.

Outgoing President, Janine Lloyd said the SKYHigh Working Group had achieved much since its inception in 2003 with at least 3,000 members of the local community participating in SKYHigh events and a strong social media presence.

“Our focus has been to work with government to develop a robust argument that there is a need reopen the Footscray-Yarraville high school closed by the former Kennett Government. With 78 per cent of the 2,000 primary school students in the local area going on to attend a public high school, the existing high schools in the inner west will be at capacity in the next five years. It is critical the campaign communicates the overwhelming desire for a local high school to the State Government,’ Ms Lloyd said.

“In the lead-up to next year’s election it is critical to make the government hear our community’s demands.

”At the AGM, a number of community-based events were planned, aimed at building greater support in government and the community for a new local high school.

Positions on the SKYHigh Working Group were also voted on with the following results:

  • President: Melissa Horne
  • Vice President: Martin Zakarov
  • Secretary: Bruce Abernethy
  • Treasurer: Matt Nurse
  • Community Representatives: Samantha McArthur and David Droogleever

New president, Melissa Horne paid tribute to Janine Lloyd’s service to the campaign.

“I would like to thank all members of SKY High for their outstanding efforts over the years, and in particular Janine for her dedication,” Ms Horne said.

“We are committed to working towards increasing public, all inclusive secondary college places in the inner west to benefit the SKY children and surrounding communities. It is vital that this message gets through to Spring Street.

“Already we are planning an oversized Monopoly game during the school holidays. Our Monopoly game coincides with the start of theState Government’s budget planning process. We hope to pass go and collect the vital funding that the inner-west’s school community urgently needs.”

Ms Horne encouraged local community members to find out more about the Monopoly community event by singing up to on SKY High’s facebook page

Further Information:

  • Melissa Horne:
  • 0412 130 823