Yarraville Festival: An Outstanding Success for SKY High Community

More than 500 people signed Sky High’s petition to the State government calling on more capacity in the local public highschool network, demonstrating there is a clear need for the State Government to start listening to local residents.

The petition will now be collated and presented to Parliament, before the Government gets into full swing, finalising the Budget in May.

Thank you to everyone who signed!

The petition details are as follows.

The Petition of the residents of Victoria, draws to the attention of the house that:

    • The public primary schools in Seddon, Yarraville and Kingsville have doubled in student numbers in the last 10 years
    • Capacity in surrounding high schools is limited with two of the four closest schools already zoned; and
    • The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development acknowledging that Footscray City Secondary College will need to be zoned in the near future.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria immediately start planning to build additional capacity in the inner west public secondary school network.